Sean (i_am_gone) wrote,

I am Gone

I finally make my first entry after being asked by my bestest friend repeatedly for the last I don't know how long anymore. It s been quite hectic in my exciting little life lately. I do not know what to do with myself! From waking up at 11 am to taking a nap at 1, then eating and watching TV for a few I look back and see I have accomplished quite a lot.

But then again, I always do during shark week. Ever heard of Megaladon? I think thats how it spelled but thats not important...what is however is that this is a big boy. Can you imagaine a shark so huge that it can NOT even hide behind a bus?

If megaladon was there I would walk up to it and say, "What are you doing trying to hide behind a bus! You are a shark! you belong in my special shark aquarium! Damn you talking gumball machine!!" then I would proceed to poke him with a stick.

but seriously that would be a crazy shark. and that brings me to my next point, "Don't smoke crack"

it s time for me to go eat, hopefully some person will have fixed his car by my next post!
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You're a crack head.
Damn you talking gumball machine!!

Hahahaha! No, damn YOU Mister wants to be a shark the size of a bus!

And I too hope that as soon as a certain someone reads this post, his car is on I285 heading to see me and prove that it's actually running. Oh ya, and bring a Chick Fil A chicken biscuit with you!
Damn, I just made myself REALLY hungry. This fasting thing isn't working, LOL!
HAHAHA! Hey, you're more funny than me. We can't be having that!

*comments on your thing*

Now add me!
"it s time for me to go eat, hopefully some person will have fixed his car by my next post!"

Even though you only post about once every year, you're on crack if you think his car will ever be fixed . . . ;-p
holy crap you replied like 3492938273288 years later!

ya I know rob is a crackhead but wow, didn't I make this post like a year ago :-) and it still sint done....hahaha

any black or blue 93+ TT's low miles out there by you? :-) I need one!!!