Sean (i_am_gone) wrote,

I am Gone

I finally make my first entry after being asked by my bestest friend repeatedly for the last I don't know how long anymore. It s been quite hectic in my exciting little life lately. I do not know what to do with myself! From waking up at 11 am to taking a nap at 1, then eating and watching TV for a few I look back and see I have accomplished quite a lot.

But then again, I always do during shark week. Ever heard of Megaladon? I think thats how it spelled but thats not important...what is however is that this is a big boy. Can you imagaine a shark so huge that it can NOT even hide behind a bus?

If megaladon was there I would walk up to it and say, "What are you doing trying to hide behind a bus! You are a shark! you belong in my special shark aquarium! Damn you talking gumball machine!!" then I would proceed to poke him with a stick.

but seriously that would be a crazy shark. and that brings me to my next point, "Don't smoke crack"

it s time for me to go eat, hopefully some person will have fixed his car by my next post!
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